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Microsoft Security: How to Get Your Solutions Fully Integrated and Operationalized

The financial and reputational impacts of a security breach grow ever harsher, yet it’s also more complex than ever to create a good security posture. And if your organization is running a Microsoft setup, it can be hard to be sure you’ve covered all the bases.

It's why our Director of Microsoft Security Solutions, Micah Heaton, and members of his team are offering 1:1 sessions designed for security professionals in organizations running Microsoft solutions.

  • Are you sure that you’re correctly set up to monitor and respond to threat activity?
  • The volume of security information generated by Microsoft 365 and Azure is huge. Are you seeing the important stuff?
  • I’m migrating to the Microsoft cloud. Where’s the best place to start with security?
  • So how *do* you integrate security across hybrid environments, to make sure your organization really is security-fit?

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Our Microsoft Security Solutions Team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and you get the chance to ask them any question. Book a meeting with our BlueVoyant expert today and receive a $40 gift card after the meeting.